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Post  Head Admin on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:06 pm

Welcome to New Directions!
Please try and adhere to all of the rules so that everyone on the site can have a fun time.

1. Everyone is here to have a good time, so please do not make any negative comments towards each other. If bullying occurs, the administrators will not hesitate to ban.

2. Please use proper spelling and grammar. Mistakes are completely understandable, but if you do not make any attempt to type appropriately, you will be notified before further action is taken.

3. Godmoding will not be tolerated. Godmoding refers to many things, basically as if in your post you mention another character doing/saying something that they hadn't done or said. You are only able to control your character, so please do not make a post that controls another user's character.

4. In the roleplay area, please do not have OOC (out of character) discussion. There is a discussion area on the forum where you are more than welcome to bring any comments about the show or even roleplay.

5. Use respectful language with each other. This refers to name calling and also during roleplay. Excessive cursing will not be tolerated.

6. Due to many of the issues seen in the show, sensitive topics will most likely be discussed. Please approach topics in an appropriate matter. Derogatory remarks will, once again, not be tolerated and you will be banned.

7. Original Characters characters are no longer allowed. We've had plenty join and those are fine, but there are plenty of canon characters out there that we'd like to have filled before we accept anymore original characters.

10. Limit yourself to only one account for Role Playing. Things tend to get out of hand when one person is RPing as more than one character, and we want to make things fair seeing as there are a limited number of canon characters in Glee.

11. Posting in the roleplay section will be in third person. For example:
She walked over to the table, tray in hand before placing it down. "I seriously wish they still served tots," Mercedes complained while sitting down.

12. All accounts will have three weeks to make a post on the forum before the user is contacted. Once contacted, the user has one week to reply, otherwise the character will be removed from their possession. We hate to do this, but characters are limited and other people will probably want them. Original Characters (OCs) are exempt from this rule.

13. You'll probably notice the chat located on the bottom of the site. This is for random OOC talking with other members and has nothing to do with the RP storyline.

14. Most importantly, have fun! We hope that everyone here enjoys the site!

*In terms of the timeline, roleplay will begin following the events of the Christmas episode*

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Re: Forum Rules

Post  Blaine Anderson on Wed May 11, 2011 6:23 pm

Please take note of the change to Rule #7. If you have an OC already, that's fine. But new members, please refrain from creating your own character. This rule was created so we can get members like a Will and a Sue. There's a full list of available characters here if you're having trouble deciding.
Thank you!
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