Time Line at Breadstix?

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Time Line at Breadstix?

Post  Sammy Evans on Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:03 pm

Hey everybody! I know as the roleplay has been progressing, the romance and bonds have definitely been blooming as well as great storylines.
I know, cheesy intro, anyways…I was wondering about the timeline with Breadstix? Like whose there then and now?
So this message is mainly for the couples at Breadstix, so that’d be: Quinn, Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Finn, Emma, and myself- I believe.
I’ve been scoping around so I know these events have happened within the setting of the restaurant:
-Emma and Kurt met up to discuss the behaviour of Karofsky.
-Sam plans on spying on Kurt on his mystery date, so he takes Quinn out for dinner at Breadstix.
-Finn and Rachel are enjoying a romantic dinner at Breadstix. (So are Blaine & Kurt?)

*I also know as my character I’ve been texting characters such as Finn and Quinn. I don’t know when those texts apply if it were before or after a certain part.

All and all, I was just wondering about the time line and if there isn’t any specific one- maybe we can settle on one here? Just for Breadstix, I mean.

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Re: Time Line at Breadstix?

Post  Rachel Hudson on Fri Dec 24, 2010 9:57 pm

The timeline follows as such:

-Emma and Kurt talk at Breadstix while Sam is creeping on Kurt while on a date with Quinn.
-Those wrap up, and Kurt heads over to his dad's car shop where the scene with Karofsky happens.
-The double date between Finchel and Klaine happen afterwards.

As for the text messages, you can work it out with those members as you see fit. Those involved in Finchel and Klaine wanted to at least have a thread set up because we weren't sure how long everything was going to take and when we'd all be on.

I know it's confusing, but sometimes certain scenes move faster than others in the timeline. We'll work it out and move scenes to other threads and stuff. Thanks for asking! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU TOO!
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