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Post  Santana Lopez on Sat Mar 05, 2011 5:29 pm

[Timeline note: This scene takes place after the Glee meeting where Sam sang "I just had sex" and all of that drama and stuff but it still takes place before the party.]

Santana walked into the grocery store, she was still pretty upset about the look on Mike's face after Sam had sung the song about having sex and completely had eye sex with her during the whole song. She honestly didn't think Mike would be that upset if he ever found out about her sleeping with Sam. Sure he liked her but she did say she didn't want to date him yet and she thought he understood that this was the reason why. It was because she had tendencies to, sleep around and have fun with multiple guys and she didn't want to hurt him because she was a nice person like that.

The only thing she knew when she walked into the store was that she needed something to get everything off of her mind. She needed to just be able to relax and not think about the events of these past couple of days. She walked back to the pharmacy department and looked around. She had been reading up a little bit on robotripping before she came and she really kind of wanted to try it. Just doing it once wouldn't hurt after all, right? She picked up a box of cough syrup and looked on the back to make sure it said the active ingredient was dextromethorphan. She smiled to herself slightly and got pretty excited for what she would be doing when she got home.

She walked up to the front of the store, trying to act like she was sick so the store clerk wouldn't get suspicious or anything. She was a pretty good actress after all so it worked and she showed the clerk her fake ID to show she was over 18 and signed for the medicine and left the store to get home.

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