The Life of a Broken Hearted Dreamer!!

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The Life of a Broken Hearted Dreamer!!

Post  Mackenzie Rose Smith on Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:32 pm

Name: Sarafina Marie Elizabeth Jenine Heartfield

Age: 18

Gender: Female...DUH!!

Sexual Preference: Straight

Personality: Sarafina is a quiet and shy girl. She tends to keep to herself but she ventures outside her comfort zone for certain things and Vocal Adrenaline is the main thing she does that for. Music is the only thing that seems to help Sarafina make it through the days. She has very few friends and those who don't know her or about her past thinks she is wierd. Sarafina is a very sensitive girl as well and that has everything to do with her past. The only person who really knows about Sarafina's past and present is Mr. Goolsby. Sarafina tries to stay away from home as much as possible until she can buy an apartment or go to college. Sarafina is the kind of girl that dreams of bringing good to the world and of one day settling with that special someone.

History: When Sarafina was born up until she was 5 her family was normal and happy. One day after she had turned 6 her mother was diagnosed with Leukemia. Her father did everything he could for his wife but after a year she moved on. The day Sarafina's mother died was the worst day of her life. It was her 7th birthday. The last thing her mother had said to her was 'My sweet princess Sarafina.' The nurse had handed Sarafina a wrapped up box and when Sarafina opened it and pulled out a purple silk scarf that belonged to her mother Sarafina broke into tears and when she looked up at her mother she sobbed and held the scarf tightly in her hands. Her father started to ignore her after that. Sarafina would spend every night crying herself to sleep. A few weeks after the funeral her father started drinking. He would come home drunk and would beat Sarafina. This happened each year and when she was 16 it got worse. Not only did he beat her but he started to sexually abuse her. She got a job as a waitress at Olive Garden when she turned 16 and has been working there since. She saved up money to buy a new red truck and is now currently saving for college and an apartment.

Friends: Anyone who is willing to get to know her, Mr. Goolsby

Enemies: Her father


All these pictures were taken by a guy I met while I was staying at our grandparents.
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