Random Event and Character Requests

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Random Event and Character Requests

Post  Random on Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:30 am


Okay, so I really shouldn't have joined right before a semester break. And I really should have bookmarked this site! But I finally found my way back and am ready to RP.

I kind of explained this in my intro, but here's the gist. I am not going to play a normal character, but more random events and the characters necessary to make them happen. If you want a fire to break out in the auditorium, I will be the fire. If you want a gunman holding up the Lima Bean, I'm your gunman. If you want someone to drug your character's drink...well you see where this is going.

You can either PM me with requests, or you can request things here in this thread. I won't join a thread unless invited, so don't worry about me barging in on sex scenes (unless requested, lol...*AWKWARDSAUCE*) or anything like that.

I intend to create only temporary characters, mostly for the purpose of advancing stories, so please don't request characters that will be more permanent or a large focus. I also really suck at romance writing, so just a warning there. I tend to be best at creating angsty situations and conflicty stuff, so keep that in mind. If you have a specific idea that you want to facilitate, let me know. Or if you're bored and want me to come up with something, I can do that, too (and depending on your preference, I can PM you my idea ahead of time to make sure it's a storyline you'd want to follow, or I can surprise you in whichever thread you're requesting. On that note, please be specific on which thread you want me to do stuff in so I don't have to go searching for your character and possibly interrupt the wrong scene if your character is in more than one scene.

I'm willing to make up original characters or temporarily take up a role of someone from the Gleeverse that we know and loathe (or love), so if you're looking for Jewfro or Sandy Ryerson to make an appearance, I can make it happen. I can also be non-characters, so if you're looking for a natural disaster to strike, let me know and I can use posts to create that event and drive it's subsequent fallout.

I may also go into threads where nothing has happened in a long time/no one has been posting and start a random event to try and get things moving there. If for some reason I do that in a thread and it turns out that it wasn't as inactive as I thought it seemed, just let me know and I'll delete the post and use the idea another time/place/thread.

So, in short, have a request, here's what I need to know:

1) Which thread you want me in--link me if possible. If it's an in-progress scene maybe give me a gist of a background on what's going on.
2) If you have a specific idea for what you want to have happen, let me know the idea.
3) If you don't have a specific idea and want me to come up with something, let me know if you have a preference for something angsty, humorous, actiony, or whatever type of event/scene you're interested in creating.
4) Let me know if you want me to run my idea(s) past you first or just start posting in the thread and surprise you.

Make sense? No? Feel free to ask questions here or PM me.


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