The St. James Household

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The St. James Household

Post  Head Admin on Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:37 am

[Which...for some reason makes me think of St. Mungo's when seeing it in a sentence]
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Re: The St. James Household

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 18, 2010 3:15 am

Jesse wasn't used to this... He was usually very determined and straight-forward, he always knew what to do and how to do it.

This time, however, he was too confused and, quite honestly, a little scared.

He opened the door to his room, took his jean jacket off and threw it to the floor. Then he gave it a second thought and picked it up because he hated messy places.

Rehearsal had been evil and exhausting but there was nothing wrong with that, being so close to Regionals, it was more than understandable. The one bad thing about it was that that Sunshine chick kept messing up the choreography. If it wasn't for her voice, he Goolsby would have already kicked her out of the team.

But whatever. He couldn't waste time thinking about that. It was, of course, important and, as always, he was extremely excited about the competition. He just couldn't wait to get his hands on the new and shiny trophy he was about to get... but...

He sighed and run a hand through his hair.

He couldn't stop thinking about her... and he was hungry. Unfair combination.

Unwilling to start cooking something, he went downstairs and into the kitchen to check the fridge's magnets. One of these days he was going to have to memorize some of those numbers.

He ordered a Kevin McCallister special and went back to his room, to resume his brooding.

The tickets were on his desk, waiting for an answer that he wasn't yet ready to give. She probably hated him and a silly gesture wasn't going to change that. Plus, she was dating that troll again.

Resolving he should explore all possibilities before making a decision, he grabbed a pen and black journal. He soon changed his mind (because, seriously, what a waste of energy and ink) and walked to his extensive bookshelf, where he kept his laptop.

'Okay,' he said to himself (or to OpenOffice, maybe).

Rachel's Birthday


#1 | She hates me
#2 | She won't open the envelope
#3 | She will ignore the Terms of Service
#4 | She hates me
#5 | The Post Office sucks

#1 | She'd love it

Damn it.

Why did that one Pro have to be so overpowering? In a way, it was fitting, it was just like her.

He shut the thing off without saving any changes, put on some music and stared at the tickets for a few instants.

He was pathetic.

Brooding + Pizza + Unrequited Love + Black Clothes. He was one My Chemical Romance song away from being a total emo and that was even more pathetic. He couldn't accept that, he was Jesse St. James.

Sure, it was very easy to pretend that everything was fine when people were around him, but alone in his room, there was no reason to hide the fact that whenever he started thinking about her, he would get those pains in his chest and he would know it was her fault, that... Damn it. Less Harry Potter and YouTube, more thinking, St. James.

Ok, it was decided. No more emo-kid. He would give her the tickets and if she didn't accept them, he would punch Hudson. Sure, it wouldn't really fix anything but he'd feel a lot better.

He smiled (finally!) and by the time the pizza arrived, he had already printed a small card for her and plotted two or three revenge plans, in case she ditched his artistic choices and tore it in half.

For the first time in weeks, he didn't dream about her at all. Maybe his subconscious knew he was merely hours away from getting closure.


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Re: The St. James Household

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:09 am

[From] Rachel
12/18 9:21

Hey Jesse. Would you mind meeting me at the park later? We should talk. -R

He read the text a couple of times but didn't reply anything. He never thought she'd want to talk to him again...

What could she possibly want to tell him?

"Hi, Jesse. Why are you such a big jerk?"
"Hi, Jesse. Why won't you just die?"
"Hi, Jesse. *Egg*"
"Hi, Jesse. Mailboxes exist."

He could start by explaining her that mailboxes were for commoners. His way was better because it meant that his envelope was different from the others, unique. She probably didn't even think about the other letters once she saw his.

And then he could... No, he was thinking too much about it. Maybe, for once, he could not have a script and just improvise.

[To] Rachel
12/18 10:21

Monday. 1.36 pm


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Re: The St. James Household

Post  Rachel Hudson on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:24 am

[From] Rachel
12/18 11:02

Sounds good to me. See you Monday.
Rachel Hudson

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Re: The St. James Household

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