I'm like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!

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I'm like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!

Post  Rachel Hudson on Thu Dec 09, 2010 11:19 pm

Name: Rachel Berry

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Personality: I know I can be bratty, abrasive, bossy, conceited, loud, and controlling. And sometimes I truly hate myself for it. I'm not a very likable person, but I'm getting better, I like to think. Sometimes I have found I can be caring and nice, though some who know me might beg to differ.

History: I was born of true love. My two inter-racial same sex fathers desperately wanted a daughter truly of their own, so they screened potential surrogate mothers based on beauty, brains, and talent. Then they mixed their sperm together and voila! A star was born. My fathers spoiled me in the arts from the day I was born. They've shown me much love and care throughout my childhood, but as soon as I was old enough, or responsible enough, my dads started going away on trips quite often--sometimes almost every other week. Except for one short week my sophomore year, my mother has never been a part of my life. Due to my busy schedule and intimidating nature, I have never really had friends, which is at times disheartening, but the journey to the top is always a lonely one. In my sophomore year, my Spanish teacher Mr. Schuester took over the Glee club, and that's where I like to think my life changed for the better. For once I have somewhere where I fit in, if only slightly. And after a while, I've started to make friends. I've even had a boyfriend (or three...). There have been a lot of ups and downs, of course, but I just know that everything will work out for me in the end.

Relationships (New Directions only, really)

Lauren: Not about to lie, Lauren frightens me a bit. But she's comfortable with who she is, and I admire her for that.

Tina: The girl probably still resents me for the whole "Tonight" debacle, but other than that I haven't really had any issues with Tina. I can't really judge her in any way, considering we never really talk. She has a sweet voice though.

Mrs. Pillsbury: She's nice enough, and she's always been there for Glee club, which is something that warms me to her. She's the only support we get from the staff, excluding Mr Schuester obviously, and I guess now Coach Beiste, but she always puts a smile on my face whenever I see her out in the audience, cheering us on.

Brittany: Sure she may pick on me sometimes, but I've noticed that Brittany is a really sweet girl most of the time. A little ditzy, easily persuaded by others, and she sleeps around way too much, but mostly a sweet girl. She hasn't got a bad voice either, and I must admit she has some stellar dance moves.

Santana: The worst tormentor I ever had. Teases me mercilessly, puts me down all the time, and slept with my boyfriend (although we weren't together at the time). And I can't help feeling something akin to sympathy for Santana. We really are a lot alike, though neither of us would ever admit it. But we both don't seem to have many friends, we both say things we sometimes don't mean, and we both strive to be at the top. The difference between us though, is that while she may not have many true friends, the student body doesn't feel the need to humiliate her every day. Also, I must admit she has a killer voice, quite unique, not really like anything I've heard before.

Quinn: My relationship with Quinn has always been strained. After Santana, she is probably the biggest bully to me. But during her pregnancy last year, I felt it was safe to approach her and speak on good terms, and we did a few times, surprisingly enough. I thought that maybe something might have changed between us, now that she knows what it's like to me, to be mocked by the entire student body, but nothing has changed. She either ignores me or insults me. I guess it's just something I'll have to grin and bear.

Mercedes: A girl with pipes and attitude to rival myself, Mercedes and I were never really on great terms to start. We had our moments, but there was never a friendship between us. That is, until this year. I don't know what changed, but whatever it was I'm glad it did because Mercedes is a great friend-one of my first.

Sam: Honestly, I've never really spoken to him all that much. He seems nice enough, although he's dating Quinn. Something I guess I could forgive him for.

Artie: I don't really talk to Artie all too much. He's a great rapper, and funny, and has a nice voice. When he got those robo-legs for Christmas it was one of the most miraculous things I ever saw, so I hope one day he can live his dream and dance.

Mike: Strangely enough, Mike has always been there for me. It's almost like he's a brother, which is sorta weird, but I like it. He puts up with me, stands up for me, and he's fun to be around. It's an unlikely friendship, sure, but we make it work.

Noah: Things are always rather messed up with Noah. He used to bully me, and then we dated, and then he was back to making snide comments about me, and then I made out with him to get back at Finn. It's always been a confusing relationship with him, but he's had my back when I've needed him, such as when Vocal Adrenaline egged me. I sort of hope one day we might be able to have a real friendship, but I have no idea how I could even go about building that up.

Mr Schuester: He's a great teacher, probably the best at McKinley, and yet sometimes I feel like he's trying to ruin my career. There is nothing wrong with wanting to help everyone shine, but when it gets in the way of my stardom that just doesn't fly. Still, it's because of him that we have a Glee club, and at times he has been the only person there for me, so I guess I don't really have anything to complain about.

Kurt: He might be the only person who is a bigger diva than me. But he has a stellar voice, and he's always been so sure and confident about himself, which I always admire in a person. I was truly concerned and worried when the bullying toward him started getting worse and worse, but when he left for Dalton I was sad, but mostly relieved. He doesn't deserve the bullying, and I'd rather have him somewhere away from us, happy and safe, rather than with us, threatened and miserable.

Finn: How do I even begin to describe my relationship with Finn? I liked him pretty much from the first time he sang in Glee club, and by the time he kissed me for the first time in the auditorium, I knew I was in love. It was a rocky road after that, with me doing anything I could think of to win him over, even putting on this ridiculous outfit to try and seduce him. Once he broke up with Quinn I kinda got a bit over excited and pushed him into a relationship with me, which I think was a bit of a turn off since he broke up with me not long after. When he realised later that he really did want me, it was too late and I was with Jesse. So I told him we'd just be friends, like we always had been. And it worked out well, although this time it was him trying to win me over this time. And then Jesse broke my heart. I was torn up about it, but Finn put me back together. He picked up the pieces, and that night at Regionals, when he told me he loved me, it was the happiest I could remember being, even if we had lost. We dated all throughout the summer, and I was happy. Sure when we got back to school things were rough, but we got through it and were happy together. Then Santana told me she had slept with Finn while I was with Jesse. He had lied to me. And he had slept with her, the worst bully I ever had, and while he claimed to like me! Was I really that easy to get over? Was it that she's prettier than me? I was stupid, I was upset, and I wasn't thinking straight. So I made out with Noah to get back at him. I still felt terrible, and I hated that I did that to Finn, so I told him. And making out with Noah was the worst thing I ever did. Finn broke up with me. I tried winning him back all throughout the time between Sectionals and Christmas break. Nothing worked. I sat at home, dejected, and tried to convince myself I didn't need him, to pick myself up and move on. And it worked for a while. I wasn't happy, per say, but I wasn't moping about feeling sorry for myself. Then I saw him at school, and it all fell away. I still loved him, I still wanted him, and nothing would change that. Apparently he felt the same way, because now we're back together and happy. Hell, I even married the guy! I guess it just goes to show that what they say is true--true love always finds a way.
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Re: I'm like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live!

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